Why organic? Why fair trade?


Why Organic? Why pay more when we grew up with just normal stuff? Well the answer is quite simple really.

Organic cotton farming is sustainable and also helps those handful of farmers who have taken the brave step to stop using harmful chemicals (pesticides) to grow their crop. And what you get is wonderful world class produce and a safe environment. Because chemical residues do not enter the ground or the surface water. So animals and plants and in turn you do not get exposed to toxins.

Why Fair Trade? Fair Trade ensures that the country does not become the world’s sweat shop. It gives dignity and equal opportunity to men and women alike. It ensures that children stay at school and the work force stays healthy by having better man hours.

Choosing a fair trade fabric is supporting those manufacturers who go that extra mile in ensuring that their workers get – a work and life balance. Everyone gets paid well according to the work they put in. Why should they work harder and live worse just so that the manufacturer can get more profit and us a cheaper garment. And to ensure that there is no exploitation or flaunting of rules and laws, international agencies who provide these certifications, thoroughly monitor and audit these companies.

So make a choice that will help the world and buy a fair trade product.

Well , we can go on and on about the virtues of organic and fair trade because we at anti-cute feel really strongly about them. But we leave it to you to touch, feel, use and decide for yourself!