Why M.A.D?


Make A Difference is a platform that empowers youth to become change leaders who make positive social impact and create self sustaining communities. By working with the most vulnerable population around them, children at risk in orphanages, street shelters and poor homes.

MAD believes that true change begins from the smallest circle; the community itself. Communities in 23 cities across India have now successfully adopted the MAD model with incredible results. With close to 2000 young people empowering more than 4500 children. MAD's volunteers teach, set up libraries and conduct field activities for these children to ensure that their futures are a product of their choices, and not their circumstances. MAD's English Project takes children in 126 such shelter homes across India through the Cambridge English for Schools curriculum. The Placements wing of Make A Difference plans to conduct over 200 on-field and experiential activities through the course of the year, where MAD children will be visiting everything from army bases to hotel chains to find out how they work, and about the opportunities available in that field!

MAD and MAD's Library partner, Bookwallah, have set up active libraries already in the cities of Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mangalore and Delhi that cater to over 240 children! More libraries are in the offing soon! We, at anti-cute, believe in the MAD philosophy and hence have partnered with them so that when you purchase anti-cute tees, a part of the proceeds go towards helping their cause. And what's more, you get a customised certificate too, where you can enter your child's name, inculcating a good habit of donation in the little one at this early stage itself.

Your child can proudly wear a brand that is socially conscious, having tees made from 100% organic fabric, manufactured at a fair trade factory and also aiding a noble cause. And be responsible for a society that they are a part of.

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