Designers' Gallery

All you budding and blooming designers out there, if you’ve got any design ideas on what we can put on our t-shirts, do give us a holler. And just remember we are allergic to kitsch and cute. So just the contrary will do fine! We are purveyor of all things whacked and hip. Basically, be an extension of us. And oh yes, please do not use more than 4 colours (too troublesome to print!).

Email us your designs to and we'll get back to you if we like them (even if we don’t, you'll still hear from us). And once we do like the designs and want to get into production, we'll work out the financials with you. We have different payment options for the rights to use your designs, and you can choose what suits you most. So get back to your drawing boards and dazzle us!


subarna and rakesh