Anti-cute is our (very clichéd) labour of love. But it wouldn’t have taken off without the support of lots of people. It’s thank you time, so here goes:

We dedicate the brand and it’s designs to our own little brats Mrinalini and Raahil. We love you to bits...and thank you for the inspiration!

Anu and Hursh our respective spouses for being excited, keeping the faith and for the hours after hours of beta testing! What would we have done without you guys? Mmmmwwaaaah!

Then of course our models: Rianna (not only did she model but she also did those beautiful drawings for our Donation Certificate and she’s all of 6 years!), Additya, Vyoma, Nysha, Ruhaan, Eshaan, Medhini, Anaya, Raahil and Mrinalini. Thank you babies, for being the dream team!

And the mommies – we love you guys, can’t thank you enough for all the hard work on the shoot and letting your stars work for free! That’s what friends are for, right!!!

Vaydehi Khandelwal; thanks firstly for your immense patience during the shoot (though some thought it must have been traumatic for you handling so many kids!) and of course for the lovely, lovely pics that resulted.

Nisha Joshi and her entire team at Perpetual Design Studio, for helping us out with all our designs. Thank you, we really appreciate!

And last but not the least (can’t seem to avoid the clichés, sorry!) Fareesh, Nikhil, Param and the guys at “It’s Alive” for executing our design ideas to the tee and for making the website the way it is. A big Thank you! (So dear users, in case of any problems that you may face on the site... you know who to call!)

Phew! Told you it was a long list!