Welcome to anti-cute


"anti-cute" was hatched in a car by ex ad-guy cum brand-new-dad Rakesh (extremely bad hours forced him to discuss new ventures only while travelling to or from a meeting) and stay-at-home mom Subarna with a black sense of humour.

Why you may ask, well because we both found it frustrating to dress up our respective kids in insipid "cute" clothes with rainbows and teddy bears. We were tired of seeing pink and powder blue t-shirts with bunnies, bears, rainbows and hearts. Specially hearts. We hate hearts! Also we did not want the aforementioned kids to die of embarrassment on seeing their baby pics and then accuse us and our spouses of raising them as wannabe Barbies and Kens.

I mean, all you young mums and dads, who like us, grew up lovin' Ravi Shastri (that comes with a disclaimer from Rakesh!), worshiping Boom Boom Becker and playing air guitar with Nirvana, getting high on Jim Morrison and Marley, liking music which were songs with lyrics... you know what we're talking about, right??? It's baby clothes with your sensibilities.

Hence "anti-cute", an anti-establishment brand that makes quirky t-shirts, that shows your baby has a serious sense of style. We have an eclectic line that will ensure you never have a dull moment dressing up your little ones.

So here we are, with our tragically hip collection of tees and tops made of 100% organic cotton, dyed and printed with water based colors. Plus we believe in a sweatshop-free environment and humane practices, which is why they are made in certified fair trade factories. Giving you t-shirts as soft as your baby's bottom and much better quality than all the brands around, we know because we checked ;)

All "anti-cute" T-shirts are packed in re-usable drawstring bags, also made from 100% organic cotton fabric, to give your t-shirt a perfect cocoon to preserve its softness and (much to our excitement) adds to the attitude. All this because hey we want to leave behind a green earth for our kiddos, right!

And what's more, every time you purchase an anti-cute t-shirt, you help educate a child. We donate part of the proceeds from the sale of each t-shirt to Make A Difference, MAD for short, an NGO that provides a platform for a community to come together, train and deploy high-potential young people to orphanages and street shelters to provide a positive learning ecosystem for Children at Risk.

To inculcate this good habit of charity among the young ones at this early impressionable age, we also give them their very own certificate for these donations, customized with their own name.

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and pick up your very own anti-cute tee today, after all its 0% guilt and 100% earth loving. And help usher in the new cute, the "anti-cute"